Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The New Year Begins

As the new sitting year is set to commence in the High Court we have now stormed past our first year anniversary here at the Lamp Post. Last year was a particularly exciting year in the High Court with many unexpected landmark decisions. Thanks very much to all those who have been reading and a particular thank you to all those who have posted comments or emailed me personally to discuss developments in the law. Many of the discussions in the comments section have been extremely enlightening. Thanks also go to those who have contributed to the blog over the past year.

The Lamp Post has changed somewhat since its inception as many of you may have noticed. One major reason for this is that half way through last year I took up a position to read for a Masters Degree in England which means that I am both quite busy and in a very different time zone. This is why it may seem that many of my posts are published at peculiar times. It is likely that the blog will continue with this reduced output and inconvenient posting schedule until July when I return to Australia. Till then I hope you keep reading and that you find the discussion here helpful and interesting.

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